I get that your old toy camera icon was not brand-friendly and that you probably needed something flexible enough for print and other forms of media. And it’s no doubt that your old logo needed a facelift. But this generic soulless infographic symbol to represent a massive community that is outpouring their soul into your platform so you can sell data / ads is fucking repulsive.

And don’t even think twice that adding a fresh & fruity gradient to your millennial mark it instantly adds soul.

Anyway, when someone asked what I thought about the new logo, I said it reminded me of a toilet.

Mostly I’m just bitter because I have been asking you for 60 second videos… why only 15 sec videos? Aren’t you basically facebook? You know they do live video now right? Is this just a way to limit the amount of freedom of expression that one can have through your platform? Will you ever allow human nipples to be shown? ahhh… so many questions!

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