it’s about the journey

I painted (or poured) this abstract over the weekend, which was inspired by this simple 3d shape / texture that I made in Blender the week before.

Blender object and shader test render

This inspired me to use the image of the abstract painting in Midjourney to generate some landscapes…

Using images in MJ is not the same as using them in DD (Disco Diffusion). They seem to function as a secondary influence on your text prompt by adding color and style information. The only control you really have is assigning them a weight value, which determines how much influence they have over your text prompt.

/imagine prompt: Image link + dripping landscape, 3d render, high resolution, unreal engine, 8k –iw 2.7

By changing the description you can get some interesting results… “landscape made of plushy blobs.”

Generating all the variations in such a short amount of time can start to feel overwhelming… at least to me. It reminds me of that process after a video/photo shoot where you have hundreds of looks, but only need a few selects. This can be distracting and take me out of the flow, but overall it’s been quite liberating and inspiring to find new ways to use this medium.

7/22/22 Edit : Just wanted to add a few renders from Disco Diffusion (and Medieval Diffusion on the right) using the original abstract painting as the init_image. The more skip steps you have the less the image is effected.

Planning to write more about process and my journey with Midjourney, Disco Diffusion + Warp… stay tuned!