haven’t been sharing a lot here, mostly just on twitter.

a lot happened since my last post… for example, i have started a new company for an app i created called BASE… you can check it out at go.getbase.app and follow @baseimgsorter

you can see me using it here to make a select out of 14 iterations of the generated image above…

BASE allows you to tag and sort thru images that you upload (or drag and drop) images into. it also has a side by side compare feature, notepad, and more.

the “ai art” above is actually an ai collage experiment using a p5js script that i made with the help of ChatGPT which generates text you input in random positions / scales on the canvas… you can try it out here. I also have one that draws with text that you input, but i will do another post on that soon (maybe). so i combined a couple of images to get the portrait painting and then added the type and ran it thru stable diffusion again with img2img.

You can follow me @spiritform for more real-time updates… not sure when i will get around to updating this site again.